Teach Your Kids Strategy With Mancala

Mobile Games and Board Games Unite!

If you’ve tired of your kids playing blaster type games but they’re bored of all the bubble busting and block shuffling games out there, it may be time to go back to an old standard. A VERY old standard, in fact! Mancala is a board game that is often referred to as one of the oldest board games in existence. It’s one of those minute games to learn, a lifetime to master type of strategy games that can keep you (or your energy filled pint-sized car companions) occupied for hours. It is also a great quick game that can easily be finished while you’re sitting in the dentist waiting room.

I’ve loved this game since I was a kid and its great to see it as a mobile game available for Android.

What is Mancala?

Mancala is known by quite a few names and is similar to games like Go, a very popular Asian game. Some refer to it as the chess of the East, though it’s really nothing like chess. It is, however, as popular in some Far East lands and Africa as chess is here in the West. There are different versions of Mancala, one of the most popular beings Kalah, also called Kalaha.

The game consists of a bunch of pits or pockets with small stones or seeds. You play against one other player, (or, with the Android game, you can play against the computer, a quintessential human versus droid match up!) The object of Mancala is to collect more stones than your opponent.

Is Mancala a family friendly mobile game?

Mancala is a great game for families because it encourages thinking, strategy, and how to read your opponent. It’s obviously a non-violent mobile game. I like it also because it connects you a bit with a very old and different culture than a lot of us here in the United States are accustomed to. It’s fun to imagine people generations ago and half a world away playing a similar game. A mobile Android game of Mancala is perfect because you don’t have to worry about those pesky little stones getting lost behind the car seat, or getting jumbled up when you take a turn too fast! Mancala is a counting game as well, and playing it on Android makes this process much simpler and faster.