3 Helpful Tips for the New Players in Bit Heroes: A Pixel RPG


The Bit Heroes: A Pixel RPG game is an elegant way of enjoying spare time. Millions of online players are spending time on it, and the game is easy to play. We can download it by the android store or official game website. In which many heroes and guilds are present for fun, and we can also find the right weapons for battles.

The PVP mode is stunning for playing, and you can easily smash the numbers of rivals. The individual can maximize the amount of currency by the Bit Heroes Hack 2020. This hack is a smart tool for currency, and anyone can obtain a high amount of rewards by it. In this article, the new players will know about helpful tips.

Play on the boss level

The players have to beat the boss level for going forward in the missions. Some tasks are depending on such level and in the game we can also replay it. The user will obtain better rewards in the boss level and purchase new things.

Explore the dungeon completely

A dungeon is a real source of loots and currency, and the gameplay is all about it. The players should completely explore the dungeon and do not miss any beneficial corner of it.

Open premium chests

There are lots of chests, and we need a special key for unlocking premium chests. They are full of amazing rewards and currency, so you have to find the keys quickly.

Claude Stewart